Your Peru destination wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime celebration and you only have one chance to make it perfect!

Congratulations on your engagement! You’ve got a lot on your mind. Event thought a wedding in Peru could be a dream comes true for you and your fiancé, the last thing you need is some complex logistical nightmare getting in the way. Everything needs to come together at the right time – location needs to be ready and booked in advance, legal requirements need to be completed, and your guests need to arrive on time. It will be aour responsibility to make sure that all of your questions is answered and that all of your concerns are allayed. It will be a Magical experience!

We have a dedicated team of wedding specialists in charge of organizing destination weddings in Peru. For more information please visit, which is our brand specialized in wedding planning and guest travel management services!

Why Magical?

If you are thinking about getting married in Peru or have decided already, choosing your Wedding Planner is a very important decision to ensure a magical experience. Magical, in addition to being a company that specializes in high quality tours to Peru, it also has extensive experience in planning destination weddings in Peru as we planned our own wedding on December 2002 here in Lima. We had over a hundred people join us from all over the world and we took over 50 people to Cusco as part of our wedding week. Every one of our guests had a terrific time. Since then, we have planned several destination weddings in Peru. We have the experience from planning weddings, to helping you through the planning process, ensuring your big day is a success. We work extremely hard to make sure no detail is overlooked.

Why Peru?

Many couples look for a wedding in Peru as a way to have a unique wedding experience instead of staying at home. A Peru Wedding allows them to travel somewhere exotic where they can also enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Some couples are in love with Peru after a special experience and want to spend the most special day of their lives there. Others choose a Peru wedding to save money. Peru weddings often allow couples to save a significant amount of money versus a wedding in their country.  They can have a royal, princess-like wedding for the same money they would spend in their hometown.  The most common reason is that couples are from different backgrounds. Often one is Peruvian and wants to give guests the opportunity to share his or her special background and meet the family. A Peru Wedding is the perfect way to unite Peruvian and international guests in a unique location.

How do we get started?

Please contact us at or call us at 703-822-5312. We will start with an initial conversation about your Dream Wedding and we can give you more details about how to proceed. We will assign you with a Wedding Specialist who will work directly with you to plan your wedding travel for you and your guests and all the details necessary for your worry-free wedding in Peru. You can also choose to work with our “in-house” wedding planner to help you perfect the details of your ceremony and reception. Through the many successful weddings we have planned over the years, we have learned that Peru is a unique destination and there are many ideas that could be included on your dream wedding. This requires special effort from our wedding specialist team to research unique activities, especially if you like to try a new venue or a special activity or location.


You get engaged – Congratulations!

You and your fiancé start to realize that instead of paying so much money for a traditional wedding, you can create a truly unique experience that you will remember forever by inviting your friends and family to a wedding in Peru. A wedding in Peru can save you significant amount of money while turning your wedding day into an unforgettable “mini-vacation” for you and your guests or as many of our couples have mentioned “here in Peru you could afford a “princess-like” affair for the same amount of money you would have spent back home”, or one of you is Peruvian and want to show your international guests your unique culture.

You have called us to get more information and you trust we will do a great job with your wedding in Peru.

You decide to hire us to Plan your wedding and/or related tours for your guests.

We assign a Wedding specialist that will work with you and your fiancé to pick the exact location, offers the best travel packages for you and your guests, and coordinates with you and an on-site wedding coordinator to arrange the ceremony and reception. You can choose any Travel package from our site or we will create a customize one for your group.

You will decide if you will travel with your guests. If you want to take this option, we recommend a tour after the wedding. We usually like to call this package: “Chapperoned Honey Moon”.

Once the plans are finalized, you and your Wedding Specialist will set up your personalized wedding website (free to you and your fiancé), which will have event information, travel information, ways for your guests to contact your Weddings specialist, and information on you and your fiancé as a couple. You will then use the website to get all necessary information to your guests so they have time to make plans to attend.

You and your guests book their travel packages with your specialist, and everybody that you want to be there arrives as planned. We will work with each of your guest if they want to alter the original itinerary and or add any extension trips.

It is time for the big event of your life, everything is ready and you will have the wedding of your dreams rounded by your loved ones. Your wedding ceremony is exactly what you wanted, in the place you wanted, with all the details you discussed with us before you came.

You and your guests leave Peru with life-long memories of your one-of-a-kind Wedding celebration.

When you return, you can post pictures of your celebration on your website, so your guests that could not make it can enjoy the events, and those that attended can relive the great memories!



    We will help you selecting your ceremony and reception venues, music, decoration, cake and all the necessary details. The wedding planning process would be totally stress-free for you!


    As you will get married in Peru, many of your friends and family member will join you, so we help you with their travel arrangements to Peru, such as Peru tours, accommodation, transportation and one-to-one assistance.


    We will also help you selecting options for your rehearsal dinner or other pre- or post-wedding events you may want to host, such as picnic, cooking classes, tours, etc.


    We can help you planning each detail of your elopement, such as finding a charming venue for the ceremony, decorations, flowers, music, officiant, photographer, etc.


    1. In addition to being a company that specializes in high quality tours to Peru, we also have extensive experience in planning destination weddings and events, which makes us unique. Our experience in event planning sets us apart and we are able to organize traditional wedding celebrations, as well as intimate ceremony, giving the same attention to all the necessary details. We offer a full-service approach with one goal in mind: to make the planning and coordination of your wedding as simple and stress-free as possible.
    2. We have developed specific processes for all the services we provided to make sure to avoid any minimum margin of error. All our staff is specifically trained to follow these processes.
    3. We have extensive experience working with both local suppliers and international clients. We have built a solid network of reliable wedding suppliers in Peru and we can guarantee you the highest standard in the country.
    4. Save the Date: in the US, the bride & groom send a letter to their guests where they explain all the details related to their wedding adn the wedding-related events. Our graphic designer will help you to put this together since usually this document includes the information on the trip to Cusco and other destinations if chosen in there. 
    5. One-to-one Assistance to Guests: we work with each of the guests on their reservations. We assign one person from our team to manage the details and he/she personally customizes tours if needed. The “Save the date” is sent by you but includes OUR contact information, so the guests contact us directly. (So you don’t have to worry about answering several people and getting worried about several small details that we can solve.) We have been doing weddings for more than 9 years now and we have experience with many different situations–We will of course keep you in the loop.
    6. International Tickets: We can also quote and purcahse international tickets.
    7. We proud ourselves to be the quickest on the market: we answer each of your requests in less than 24 hours. Most travel agencies in Peru or US do not offer this kind of service and you will notice that to get a reply will take more than a day.
    8. No surprises: our proposal states all the activities included for the trip to Peru, so that people know exactly what they are paying for.
    9. 800-number for people coming from the US and Canada, so that if your guests need to communicate with our office they can easily do it at no cost.
    10. Bilingual team: we all speak English and Spanish fluently so that we are able to communicate with all your international and Peruvian guests with any problem.
    11. We have been working in the touristic and culinary industries for decades now and we are able to give you the best activities options for your wedding guests: from cooking classes with the best Chefs in the country to Pisco tasting with the best Peruvian barmen.
    12. We can help you with everything you have in mind since our staff is extremely flexible and open to new challenges.


  • I know a travel agent in Peru that can do my wedding:

    Unless that travel agent has planned weddings in Peru, or weddings at all, you are taking a risk that your dream Wedding will not be the way you envisioned it. There are so many details to the planning – from getting the right hotels, to ensuring flights and other transportation are properly coordinated for all of your guests – that even one detail overlooked could turn your Big Day into less than the Wedding of your Dreams. Experience is the most important attribute that you should be looking for in your Peruvian Wedding planner. Have they done a wedding in Peru before? or are they used to working with the American/Canadian or European traditions? Do they know Peru? Do they know the right suppliers? Do they have the right contacts? Going with proven performance and experience in planning weddings in Peru is the only way to ensure that your Wedding in Peru is a success.

  • I'm concerned about my guests being able to afford to come, what does a Peru wedding cost for the guests?:

    Because we customize every wedding to the unique dreams and needs of our couples, each one is different, as are the costs. All these costs depend on many variables, including availability, location, hotel, time of year, etc. Specifically for a Peru wedding, we need to consider: (1) International Flight fare, (2) Most guests will purchase at least a 2- or 3-night package for the wedding festivities; (3) Some will want to take an extension trip to Machu Picchu. Therefore each guest’s budget will depend on the activities that he or she decides to do. Depending on how far in advance you organize your wedding and send your “Save the Date”, we can help your guests with their levels of accommodation (you may have an uncle that wants a 5-star hotel and a cousin that needs a less expensive hostel) and can work with you and your guests setting a payment schedule.

  • Do you get the best prices for travel packages?:

    All of our packages have competitive pricing and will always include best value services for each level you choose. Even when booking hostels, we will only include the ones we recommend. It is sometimes difficult to explain why one operator is more or less expensive than another. Magical Cuzco Tours is not one of the cheap operators in Peru. Our focus on service and the quality of our local partners limits our ability to reduce our costs to the minimum as many of other operators do. We have determined that it is better not to cut corners in order to assure that our clients are well taken care of during their stay in Peru. Furthermore, our “full service” approach to Peru wedding planning and coordination sets us apart from the rest. We are unequaled in offering services such as a 24-hour in-house emergency assistance hotline.

  • What are your fees?:

    We charge a fee to organize your wedding that includes all the services listed above. Basically we will take care of every little detail to ensure you have the wedding of your dream here in Peru. Please note that all our fees are included in this one-time fee, and we do not take commissions from the suppliers we use for your wedding.

  • What are the legal requirements when getting married in Peru?:

    This depends on the type of wedding you have in mind. Most international couples, get their married license in their country since they want to keep it simple for future paperwork requirements, and perform the ceremony in Peru. However, if you like to get legally married in Peru, our wedding specialist will explain the requirements in detail. At this point, do not worry about the legalities; we can help you through that.

  • Why shouldn't I just have my guests plan their own travel?:

    On the surface, it would seem like the easiest way for your guests to arrange travel would be to have them plan it on their own. Unfortunately, when guests are left to take this “everyone fends for themselves” approach to travel, you can miss out on some very important benefits that happen when you and your guests work together, not to mention they will end up calling you for suggestions anyway (especially if one of you is Peruvian). For Peruvian couples living abroad and culturally mixed (Peruvian-International) couples, we can work with your family members in Peru to coordinate the details of the wedding and incorporate the local guests to the celebration.

  • Why shouldn't I just do it all on my own?:

    Left behind: Guests were left at the airport since the hired transportation never showed up to pick them up; guests were late for the ceremony, etc. Over the years, we have heard some amazing stories from clients who have decided to have a destination wedding in Peru. Unfortunately, we have also heard quite a few horror stories over the years from brides and grooms who have decided to plan their destination weddings completely on their own. With the massive amount of details involved, it is very possible that without expert help, a small detail can be overlooked and result in any one (or combination) of the wedding disasters that we have heard of, such as the following.  

    Hotel Fiascos: Wedding Guests’ rooms were not reserved correctly, the rate went up unexpectedly, and those that couldn't afford it were placed in a 2-star hotel on the other side of the city.  

    Hidden Clauses: The hotel contract had a hidden attrition clause in it, where the bride and groom were responsible for any rooms not booked. The happy newlyweds were forced to pay for hotel rooms reserved under their names.

  • Can I hire Magical to take care of the wedding details and have someone else organize the wedding?:

    ABSOLUTELY. Many hotels have on-site wedding coordinators, who maintain reputable local vendor lists and can help organize your big day. If you already have someone that is helping you, we will be happy to help you with all the wedding related events and work with your wedding coordinator to make sure we are on the same page.

  • How will I communicate with my Peru Wedding Specialist?:

    An event as important as your Peru Destination Wedding takes a lot of coordination and planning. In the beginning of the planning process, your Peru Wedding Specialist will want to speak via phone so they can get to know you and your fiancé. We have an 800 number in the US and direct lines. Once the planning gets moving, email is a great way to exchange information and work out the details. Our Wedding Specialists have been quoted as saying that they consider themselves the “surrogate mother/father of the bride”, and they enjoy being part of the planning process for such a special event. Why would you want to have a Wedding Specialist who isn’t excited about your planning?

  • How far in advance should I plan my Peru Wedding?:

    This varies. Some major factors are: how many guests are invited, as well as which month you choose for your wedding (Peru has high and low seasons for travel). For a traditional wedding, a month or two is acceptable notice for “Save the Date” cards. Peru Destination Weddings, however, involve travel arrangements, and therefore should be sent out at least 4-6 months in advance. This is to allow the guests to properly budget and plan for the trip, and to make sure that they are able to obtain reservations, especially international airfare.

  • How much experience do your specialists have?:

    Our Wedding Specialists are Peruvians with extensive experience working with international couples, so they will understand your customs, beliefs and religious backgrounds. We are in the business of planning successful Peru Destination Weddings and take that seriously and have fun doing it.

  • Why book your Peru Wedding with Magical Cuzco Tours?:

    Magical Cuzco Tours offers a full-service approach which has one goal in mind – to make the planning and coordination of your Peru Destination Wedding as simple and stress-free as possible. Peru Destination Weddings are different from typical weddings and honeymoons, and therefore require the planning of an experienced travel agent–a Peru Wedding Specialist. Furthermore, Magical Cuzco Tours offers a complimentary wedding website to its couples. The site helps organize and get the word out to guests, and serves as an interactive community for you, your guests, and your Peru Wedding Specialist.