Culinary meals
Northern Cuisine Feast at Fiesta Restaurant


Twenty years ago, Fiesta cuisine opened his first restaurant in the northern town of Chiclayo. In 1996 its cuisine came to the capital with the opening of their restaurant in the touristic district of Miraflores, becoming one of the most elegant restaurants in Lima where to eat typical northern cuisine with a gourmet touch. This experience will be an eye-opening experience to the Northern Cuisine world.  You will discover one of Peru’s best hidden treasures, Chiclayo’s cuisine, which is full of strong tastes and has an important and rich cultural background.





Novoandina Dinner at MAP Cafe

The MAP Café is located at the Museo de Arte Precolombino (Museum of Pre-Inca art) in Cusco. Specializing in novoandino cuisine and presenting the use of native ingredients and rescued recipes with innovative dishes. This is a 5-course tasting dinner. In this dinner you enjoy the wonders of the Novoandina cuisine.  This cuisine mixes Andean ingredients with modern techniques to create new and inventive dishes.




“Criolla” Lunch at El Rincon Que No Conoces

The corner restaurant you don’t know.  Owned by Teresa Izquierdo, and now managed by her daughter, is the right place to descover the secrets of Peruvian “Criolla” Food. The “comida Criolla” refers to typical Peruvian food, any of these dishes are prepared by any Peruvian in his/her household.  This little place is located off the beaten track but every time you visit the place, you can always spot famous actors, politicians and well-known chefs.  Teresa is considered one of the best “Criolla Food” Chefs.  This visit will introduce you to the most popular Peruvian dishes and tastes. All dishes included in this lunch are considered as classic dishes of the Peruvian households and will give you a framework to understand this cuisine and an introduction to the main ingredients used in Peruvian Cuisine as well as the basics of combinations that are staples in Peruvian food.

Nikkei Dinner at Costanera 700 Restaurant

You will have an eye-opening dinner at the restaurant of the chef who was the first to merge these two amazing food cultures. You will experience the Japanese and Asian influence in the Peruvian Cuisine. Japanese taught Peruvian how to eat fresh fish and the use of seafood and the next generation of Japanese adopted Peruvian ingredients and fusion them with their techniques. The result was a wonderful Cuisine that takes the best of both worlds.



International Fusion at Central

Chef Virgilio Martinez’s signature restaurant is all about the details. Take Central’s impeccably maintained city-centre garden, home to a vast array of product and to continual experiments with new fruit, herb and vegetable varieties. Or witness the water that is bottled on-site and which is filtered, ozonized and purified using reverse osmosis so as to trap any naughty micro particles to which it might be providing refuge. Nothing is overlooked; the restaurant even features a specially created wooden case that has been adapted to the temperature and humidity requirements for the optimum preservation of chocolate.


Author’s Fusion Dinner at Rafael Restaurant

Rafael Osterling creates each and every dish as if he is creating a piece of art.  His cuisine is not defined by any style and is only influenced by the quality of the product he finds in each place he has a restaurant.  His dishes are incredibly creative but they always respect the ingredients as he always points out. The result is a mind- blowing taste and presentation that will make you experience new and creative ways to eat popular ingredients. In this dinner, we recommend to close your eyes and “experience” each bite and let Rafael’s cuisine take you into a personal culinary journey.  You will ask yourselves questions and comments like: how did he achieve this texture? or I did not know you can mix these ingredients together.  A unique experience not to be missed.


Peruvian Fusion Lunch at Astrid & Gaston Restaurant

A 29-course tasting menu dinner especially designed by Peruvian Chef Gaston Acurio at one of the best restaurants in Lima, located in the heart of San Isidro District. For this meal wine pairing is optional. This dinner will show you another side of Peruvian food and at the end of the meal you will be able to look at our food in another dimension. You will taste traditional dishes presented into a creative and new forms. Gaston’s dishes are prepared to perfection, which allows you to taste every ingredient used.